Candidate Pool Pages identify the Prospects and Applicants in a Waitlist/Lottery (Housing Program Campaign) that fit a Property’s requirements. For the Candidate Pool Page to function properly, you need to set-up the following information under your Property:


Housing Program Campaign

Use Housing Program Candidate Pool Campaigns to view and invite your entire waitlist.The waitlist/lottery that you’ll be filtering on. Households enter the campaign from the screening form linked to it.

Candidate Pool Campaign

This Campaign is automatically created by Public House to manage the Candidate Pool.

Income Limits

Income calculations are standardized throughout Public House. Refer to our Maximum and Minimum Income Limits to correctly configure the income limits.

Asset Limits

Set the Max/Min Assets – Use $0 or $1,000,000 if Asset limits do not apply.


The acceptable Household Sizes are set automatically based on the number of bedrooms selected and your organization’s occupancy formulas.

Invitation Emails

Be sure to populate all the information used in the Property Invitation Emails. Review the Property Flag field to see if any email content fields are missing.