Property Candidate Pool

View the applicants and prospects in your Housing Program Campaign who meet your property’s criteria.


Selections can be simple.


All Finalist and application invitations from the Property Candidate Pool include

  • Property details
  • Response options: Interested, Not Interested, and Remove Me From Program
  • Response due date


Skip the drawn out process of waitlists by asking multiple, qualified applicants if they are interested in properties. Come back after the response due to see who is interested.

Finalist (Update Required)

Applicants who are ‘Out-of-Date’ will be required to update their applications to be a finalist. If they respond to the invitation as interested, there application is reset.

Application Invitations

If you anticipate needing more applicants to fill the housing opportunity, you can invite additional applicants.

Multiple Invitations

Don’t be shy. Level up! The system can monitor and handle sending invitations across to applicants and prospects across multiple properties.