Applicant Invitations and Selection

The goal is to create a shortlist of vetted, interested applicants for a property using the least amount of time and resources.

Public House surfaces the ideal Prospects and Applicants, ordered by rank, for each Property. You can selectively invite Prospects to apply and Applicants to be a Finalist.

Prospects and applicants have the option to pass on your invitations without consequence. Applications quickly become out of date and require update (more work). Deferring the application until there is a property that the Prospect is a good fit for, has priority and is interested in will greatly reduce the amount of application processing required of your team.

The Prospects and Applicants in a Housing Program Campaign make up the Candidate Pool.

  • Prospects – households who have submitted a screening form but have not started the application process.
  • Applicants – They have started the application process. Select “Approved” Applicants as Finalists for Properties.
  • Finalist – Approved applicants that meet the property criteria and are interested in the Property.

Housing Program Campaign

Screening Forms populate Housing Program Campaigns with households that are a good fit for your program. The Housing Program Campaign tracks the applicant’s journey from screening form, to application, to finalist selection.

Housing Program Candidate Pool

Use the Housing Program Candidate Pool to request applications and application updates from your Housing Program Campaign (not related to a Property). These requests are not optional. Applicants who fail to submit their applications by the deadlines are Ineligible.

  • Request Applications – Creates a Service File application and sends the Request Application email.
  • Request Updates – Resets their Service File and sends the Request Update email.

Property Candidate Pool

The Property Candidate Pool shows the Prospects and Applicants from the Housing Program Candidate Pool that meet the Property Criteria.

Streamlining Selections

This is where selections gets cool and you can minimize the number of applications you process. Streamline your processes by:

  • Selecting Finalists from existing, approved applicants whenever possible
  • Invite Prospects to apply who meet the property criteria for the property and have priority
  • Give applicants the option to pass and wait for opportunities that interest them without affecting their priority

The Approach

  1. Create your Property
  2. Open the Candidate Pool
  3. Invite qualified applicants to be a Finalist based on their priority
  4. Consider the property’s desirability to gauge how many Finalists you’ll need to invite to fill the opportunity. You’ll need to invite more applicants for less desirable properties. If you need additional applicants, send out Application Invitations to the next Propsects in your list.

Prospects shouldn’t start an application until there is an available Property that they meet the criteria for (household size, income, assets) that they have waitlist priority/lottery rank/preference for and that they are interested in.

Property Candidate Pool Actions

  • Invite to Apply
  • Finalist
  • Finalist (Update Required)
  • Request Update

To avoid applicant

  • They meet the property criteria (household size, income, assets)
  • They have sufficient waitlist priority/lottery rank/preference to be considered for the property
  • They are interested in the property

Applicants apply to your program. To avoid applicants just sitting in They are applying to your program but

Use these actions to check a Propsects interest in a Property before applying.