Recommended Households: Overview

The Recommended Household section of the Candidate Pool is designed to further refine your Applicant Pool and determine which applicants are interested in a specific, upcoming housing opportunity.

This is useful if you have approved applicants eligible for multiple programs, or for different homeownership opportunities or apartment homes under the same program. It allows allows applicants to remain engaged, but to opt to state they are not interested in certain opportunities without penalty.

Applicants receive the Property Invitation when they are Invited from the top of the waitlist in the Applicant Pool and moved into the Recommended Household of the Candidate Pool.

Recommended Households: How does it work?

Selecting the “Add to Recommended Households” option from Approved or Completed applications at the top of the Applicant Pool initiates the Property Invitation Email to the applicant. Details from the Property are populated into the message- which can include pictures and other features unique to the Property- use this as a marketing tool!

Applicants have the option to either select that they are ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’ in the particular opportunity. 

  • There is currently not a system defined deadline to respond to this message. But the date the invitation was sent is visible if you opt to track a deadline.
  • When an applicant responds to one of the options in the email, a new screen displays a message for them and you can view their response on the candidate pool page.
Applicant Selection: Displayed on Candidate PoolApplication StatusApplicant Message: Message Displays on new window.

ApprovedYou are interested and your application is already approved. We’ll be in touch.
Approved but expiredInterested? Next step, update your application.
CompleteYou are interested and your application is pending approval. You should receive your application determination decision soon. Thank you for your interest.
Not InterestedApproved or CompleteThanks for the update. We’ll keep looking for your next home.
No Response to InvitationApproved or CompleteN/A

Clearing the Recommended Household Pool

You can easily clear Applicants from the Recommended Household Pool by selecting the “Reset” button. The system will prompt a confirmation before the applicants from the Recommended Household Pool are cleared.

When do I re-set the Recommended Households?

  • Once an Apartment is leased or a home is sold
  • If your leads are stale because too much time has passed since the initial request. Applicants at the top of the list that may have not been interested may now be interested.

What happens to the Recommended Household Pool upon Reset?

  • Applicants that are eligible (Campaign Member Status= Applicant) are moved back to the Applicant Pool based on their original waitlist join date and rank.
  • Applicants that are not eligible (Campaign Member Status=Ineligible) because they either moved into their new home or no longer qualify are not longer part of the candidate pool and will not be visible because they were removed from the waiting list.