Housing Program Campaigns: Creating a New Waitlist

Setting up a Campaign in Salesforce is the first step to initiating a new waiting list or lottery. Public House initially sets these up as part of the implementation process, but you are able to edit values and create new Campaigns as needed. 

When creating a new Waitlist, or Campaign, certain items must be configured to ensure that the associated Screening Form and Candidate Pools function correctly. A SalesForce administrator can add additional criteria to the Campaign page layout.

  1. Select the ‘New Campaign’ button in SalesForce from the Campaign section.
  2. The next screen displays a Campaign record type. Select Housing Program and then Continue
  3. Important: On your new campaign, look for the link to Campaign Member Status. Campaigns come with default Status of Sent and Responded. Create new Status for Prospect, Applicant and Ineligible. As you create the status you’ll see the option to Set as Default. Set Prospect as Default. Delete Sent and Responded.
Note: If you don’t see this related list on your campaign, please notify support and we’ll help.
  1. Enter the Required fields to complete the Campaign Setup:

Campaign Information

  • Campaign Name: This may be unique. A homeownership program or specific house or a Community Name for rental opportunities.
  • Min Time to Re-Apply: This is a numerical value of the number of days that prevents applicants from entering multiple waitlist applications after one another. 2 is a recommended timeframe. 
  • Rank Order: Determines how applicants with priority points are ranked. ASC (small to large) or DSC (large to small)
  • Status: This is a standard field that is not relevant to the Screening Form functionality.
  • Active: Must be checked true for the screening form to be visible
  • Start Date: The date the Campaign begins. Most applicable for a lottery or when accepting applications for a specific time period. Before the Start Date, the screening forms are not accessible. Start Date may be left empty if the screening form has no scheduled beginning.
  • End Date: The date the Campaign ends. Most applicable for a lottery or when accepting applications for a specific time period. After the End Date, the screening forms are no longer accessible. End Date may be left empty if the screening form has no scheduled completion.

Screening Section

  • Service File Program
  • Screening Form
  • Applicant Requirement: This sets the Campaign Member statuses. New campaigns come with the default Campaign Member Status: Sent and Responded. You’ll need to create the custom Campaign Member Status for each Housing Program Campaign:
    • Prospect: They have submitted a “eligible” screen form but they have not started a full application.
    • Applicant: They have started a full application.
    • Ineligible: Prospects that have submitted a screening form update that is ineligible or Applicants that have been Declined or have missed their deadlines.
  • Max Household Size
  • Min Household Size
  • Max Assets
  • Min Assets

Income Limits Section

  • AMI: Look-up field to associate the correct Area Median Income limit schedule
  • Max Calculation Type: Select from the drop-down field
  • Max AMI %: Enter the specific AMI % for the Campaign (i.e. 50%, 80%)
  • Min Calc Type: Select from the drop-down field
  • Min Income: Enter the lowest Minimum income for the Campaign

Reminder: the Campaign criteria feeds into the Screening Form. The Campaign settings should be the broadest parameters at a community or under a specific program. 

Tip! The easiest way to create a new waitlist is to clone an existing Housing Program Campaign in SalesForce. Once the new Campaign is created, update the necessary fields to make it unique. 

Testing a New Campaign:

Once set up, go to the new screening form and verify everything works as expected:

  • The Screening Form loads correctly
  • Correct income limit warnings are displayed by household size
  • Other warnings display correctly
  • Submit an eligible Screening Form to confirm:
    • Eligibility is calculated correctly
    • Eligible email is received
    • Campaign Member is created or updated in the Campaign
  • Submit an ineligible Screening Form to confirm:
    • Ineligibility is calculated correctly
    • Ineligible email is received
    • Campaign Member is not created or an existing campaign member is set to Ineligible

Refer to the Create Campaign Members and Monitor Their Engagement Salesforce Trailhead or In Salesforce help if you need assistance creating Campaigns.


Refer to the Screening Form article