Affordable Housing Waitlists: Introduction

Public House automates affordable housing waitlists, also known as interest lists, to easily collect eligibility and contact information of interested applicants. The system dynamically displays eligible applicants for each program type or housing opportunity to quickly find a qualified applicant ready to move-in.

  • Waitlist- a list of eligible applicants that expressed interest in a program listed in order of rank and application date. Typically utilized when there is high demand and low vacancy. Waitlist lists may be initiated from a lottery, from new applications or transitioned from an existing, external waiting list.
  • Lottery- collection eligible applications during a specific time period in preparation for a randomized rank order to build a waiting list.

In SalesForce, the waitlists are called Campaigns and the Candidate Pool is a dynamic view of all eligible applicants for a specific property or unit. The Campaign Member contains the unique waitlist information for a specific applicant.

Housing Program Campaigns

Housing Program Campaigns are used to track the flow of applicants into and through your housing programs; a Campaign is the set-up for a specific waitlist or lottery. Housing Program Campaigns are populated by households who have submitted eligible Screening Forms.

Applicants are placed on the Campaign through a Screening Form. These applicants become Campaign Members that may be invited to apply for and may eventually be awarded a housing opportunity.