Screening Forms: Introduction

Screening forms are the entry point for a household. Some organizations may refer to the screening form as a waitlist application or a pre-application; they are designed to collect basic household qualification information.

Screening forms include the primary household member’s details (name, cell phone, email), household income, assets, debt, and any “deal breaker” program requirements. Screening form questions are tailored to your organization and customized for each program type (homeownership, home repair, rental). You advertise the screening form on your website and related marketing materials.

Screening Forms are your gatekeeper to filter out households that are not candidates for your programs. You are free to tune these criteria. High-volume clients may tighten the criteria to restrict access and low-volume clients may relax the criteria to be more accommodating.

Screening Forms add households to a specific list or pool. The models for lists include:  

  • Standard Waitlist by Join Date
  • Waitlist by Preference Pools
  • Annual Open Enrollment Period
  • Annual Lottery
  • Property Lottery
  • Additional Waitlists

Read more about these different models at Affordable Housing Waitlists: Introduction.

Check out a Demo Screening Form