Screening Forms: Configuration

Work with Public House to build and modify your screening form templates. The Housing Program Campaign in Salesforce will act as your Waitlist/Lottery. In the Campaign are a number of parameters you can edit directly.

Each housing program (homeownership, rental, repair/preservation) can have its own unique screening form template.

Read up on how Waitlists/Lotteries rely on Housing Program Campaigns in the Affordable Housing Waitlist Articles.

We recommend keeping screening forms as brief as possible. Questions should be limited to:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Informing households of the application process
  • Preference points questions to establish priority

Once established, these are Screening Form changes Public House must make:

  • Modify a question’s wording
  • Modify help text
  • Modify warning text Assign Priority points to a question
  • Add or remove a question Change the expiration period

Modifying Screening Forms

You have the ability to tie a specific Screening Form to a Campaign and modify certain settings whenever it is needed.  This is most likely to occur with new Campaigns.

The Screening Form displays the following information from the Campaign:

Screening Form Availability

  • Active – If false (unchecked), the screening form will not be available and the screening form update reminders will not be sent out.
  • Start Date / End Date (optional) – Used to specify dates that the screening form is available. Screening forms are not accessible until 00:01 am on the Start Date. Screening forms are not accessible after 11:59 pm on the End Date.

You can specify start and end dates to make a screening form unavailable but keep Active = true (checked) to continue to send out screening form update reminders to existing Prospects.

Screening Form Details

  • Service File Program: If you have more than one type of Screening Form configured, the Program field on the Campaign indicates which type of Screening Form to display (Homeownership, Rental, Recertification, etc.). Once established, this should only be changed in certain circumstances
  • Min Time to Reapply –
  • Intake Expiration Period
  • Appicant Requirement
  • Rank Order
  • Trigger AMI Calculation


  • Max Household Size
  • Min Household Size
  • Max Asset Max
  • Min Assets

Income Limits

  • AMI
  • Max Calculation Type
  • Min Calculation Type
  • Max AMI%
  • Min Calculation Type
  • Min AMI%
  • Min Income

Sharing Screening Form URLs

Once your Housing Program Campaipgn is configured you are ready to share the link. The Screening Form URL format is:
https://application portal URL + /screening/ + the Housing Program Campaign’s Salesforce ID

For example here is our demo screening form URL:

TIP: Add a SalesForce field on the Campaign Page to display the screening form URL. This makes it easier for marketing efforts and to share the Screening form with applicants.