Parent and Historical Intakes

An initial Screening Form creates a Parent and a Historical Salesforce Intake Form.  Each time a new screening form is submitted, the Parent Intake is updated with the most recent information and a new Historical Intake is created.  Over time, you can expect to see multiple historical intake records.

Heads-up!: If an applicant submits a new Screening Form with a different email address, a NEW Salesforce Contact and Primary Intake is created. This will create duplicate applicants on the waitlist and it is advised to monitor for this periodically.

Work with the Parent or Primary Intake record, which always reflects the most recent Screening Form submission and updates accordingly.

  • Parent Intakes Record Type = Intake “History” does not appear in the Intake Name.
  • The Intake Name contains the date of the initial submission and does not update after creation.
  • The Parent Intake field on the form is blank

The Historical Intakes are attached to the Parent Intake and are available to maintain an accurate historical record.

  • Historical Intake Record Type= Intake History
  • “History” and the date of submission is appended to the Intake Name
  • The Parent Intake field on the historical Intakes links to the Parent record.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you need to edit the applicant information for any reason, make sure to update the Parent Intake and not the Historical Intake Form! Editing a Historical Intake does not update the Parent Intake
  • For easy SalesForce reporting and list views, exclude ‘history’ from the Intake Name as a criteria to only report on Parent Intake Forms
Screening Form SubmissionIntake RecordCampaign Member
First Screening Form SubmissionCreates a Parent Intake and creates a child Historical IntakeCampaign Members created with Member Status = Prospect are created for eligible Intakes
Subsequent submission for the same CampaignA new Historical Intake record under the original Parent Intake record is created. Parent Intake is updated with the same new Screening Form details.Last updated date on Campaign Member is updated
Subsequent submission for a new CampaignA separate, new Parent and Historical Intake linked to the new CampaignCreates a new Campaign Member for that Campaign