2022 Q4 Release Updates

Home Repair

We’ve collectively taken the first steps to make Public House more supportive of Home Repair programs. Read here about the full scope of enhancements.

Application Reset Enhancements

Invite to Reapply and Recertification updates. We’ve identified fields to reset, application tracking fields, deletion of excluded assets, debts and income sources.

Required Document Settings: Expiration

PDF Enhancements

  • Override and staff explanation should show – Total income from employment not captured in pdf when override is used
  • Excluded income should also show in the PDF with approved docs.
  • Add the last four digits of account numbers for Assets & Debts
  • Hide Minor (under 18 years old) questions on the Household Member section – don’t show questions that are only asked of adults
  • Mapping update: Does the household member reside in the home at least 50% of the time? Full-time = Yes, Part-time = No

Candidate Pool Enhancements

Prospect and Applicant Tags

On each Housing Program Campaign you can configure custom tags to show specific characteristics for prospects and applicants. Candidate Pool Configuration Thanks to AvalonBay for helping to fund this feature for the community.

Other Candidate Pool Updates

  • Prospects: Most Recent Update column added
  • Recommended Households*: Not Interested date added
  • Under the Reset button*, added the date that the Recommended Households was last reset

*These fields will initially be blank until populated in the future.

Bugfix: Sort order does not apply to the Recommended Households Section

Required Documents

Accepted and Rejected

To avoid confusion with the Application Status of Approved and Declined, we are renaming the uploaded file actions

  • Approved >> Accepted
  • Declined >> Rejected
  • Approved with Action >> Accepted with Action

Combined PDF

Add a link on the Combined PDF error dialog to the Required Document Record for the Combined PDF.

Deletion Prohibited for Application Status = Document Corrections

The community reported that instead of uploading corrections, applicants were deleting records. Applicants can no longer delete records in the Document Corrections stage.

Screening Forms

  • New header section: You can now add a paragraph at the top of the screening form.
  • Income warnings will not show until adults, children and at least one number is entered for income.
  • Bugfix: Red asterisks were not showing for required picklists.
  • Now both descriptions and help text support <HTML> for linking to external resources.