2022 Q2 Release Updates

It is thanks to your feedback that we can corner and fix these issues. Thanks for letting us know when you run into instances of staff not having access to uploaded documents or issues with Combined PDF creation. It is how we can get these issues cornered and fixed. Please keep it coming.

Cloud Storage Updates

This release is dedicated to improvements to the Public House document management tools. The improvements apply to all three cloud storage integrations: Google Drive / Dropbox / AWS.

Disconnected files likely created issues with Combined PDF creation. We are working to identify Combined PDFs that may have been affected.

Following these updates, Public House will be doing an audit of each client’s Required Document Files to identify any disconnected files and reconnect them where possible. We’ll be running jobs over the weekends that crawl the Required Document Files to surface any instances of your Salesforce records and cloud storage coming out of sync. We’ll be reporting on any irreparable files that we were unable to correct.

Special Characters in Uploaded Files

Uploaded files were occasionally confused by various special characters or foreign language characters. Moving forward, uploaded file names will be sanitized – characters that are not permitted will be removed/replaced under the following conditions:

  • English alphabetical characters and numbers permitted
  • Parenthesis are permitted
  • All other characters are removed
  • Leading blank spaces are removed
  • Sequential blank spaces will be truncated to a single blank space
  • Sequential underscores will be truncated to a single underscore


  • testPDF,””…..!@#$%^&()).óAgain是bùनारी, महिलाओं पर निबंध😃–@@__1234567890=.pdf
  • Sanitized name: testPDF_())Againb–_1234567890.pdf

Existing file names will not be modified.

Special Characters in Record Names

Household Member, Asset, Debt and Income Source record names were occasionally confused by various special characters or foreign language characters. Moving forward, file names will be restricted to a standard set of characters. These are numbers, upper and lower case alphabet, permitted special characters ()-+&[],

Existing record names will not be modified.

Co-applicant Name Change and Deletion & Duplicate Service File Names

Quick changes to the applicant/co-applicant name was confusing the system. We also saw the occasional issue with duplicate Service File names. To remedy this, the Service File cloud storage folder will no longer mirror the Service File name in Homekeeper.

New Service File cloud storage folders will follow the standard:

Applicant Last (trimmed to 10 char) + space + First Name (trimmed to 10 char) + space + Service File ID

There will be no modifications to this should the applicant’s name change.

Existing Service File cloud storage folders will not be modified to the new naming convention. They will remain as they are. They will not reflect any future changes to the Salesforce Service File Name.

Program Change

One client experienced the issue when the Service File Program was updated, they were not seeing the Service File cloud storage folder migrated to the new Program folder. This was due to too many Process Builders firing at the same time.

Important Note: To avoid payload size errors, don’t stack multiple Process Builders on Homekeeper or Public House records.

Approved not appending to file names

At high volumes, the system was having trouble appending “Approved” or “Declined” to the file name – causing it to come out of sync with the file name in Salesforce. Since this early design feature is no longer useful, we will discontinue the practice of appending suffixes to the file name.

Duplicate Household Member Name, Asset Name + Account Number, Debt Name + Account Number, Income Source Name

If a record was created with the same name as a previous record, the system would use the existing cloud storage folder. Both records would access files in the same folder. If either of the records were deleted or if either of the record names were changed, the folder would be updated – becoming out of sync with the other record.

Moving forward, Public House will first search for any existing records with the same name before allowing a record to be created/edited. If an identical record name already exists, the applicant will be prompted to change it before saving.

Existing records will not be updated. Modifying these will trigger the issue.

Capitalized “PDF” in the file extension

File restrictions were preventing the upload of non-standard, capital “PDF” file extensions. Since we are seeing valid PDF files with the capital “PDF” file extension, they will be permitted.

Combined PDF Error Notification

A number of improvements have been made to the Combined PDF creation process. Before creation, the system confirms the existence of all included PDFs and images. To the extent possible it also confirms the files are what they say they are. If any files cannot be loaded, appear to be flawed or we can detect password encryption, the Combined PDF is not created and the staff is presented with a list of the problematic files. Staff can correct these issues and re-try creating the Combined PDF.

History logging user tracking

An unforeseen issue with Service File and Campaign Member history tracking for applicants resulted from the Salesforce OAuth authorization upgrades from the 2022 Q1 updates. That has been resolved.