2023 Q3 Release Update

Ineligibility Tracking

You will now be able to see and report on where/when households became ineligible for your Housing Program Campaign.

See the full article here.

Screen Form Eligibility Calculation

Modifying screening form eligibility calculations has proved to be cumbersome and error-prone. In response, we have moved away from using Salesforce Porcess Builders to determine screening form eligibility. We have expanded the Screening Form codebase to incorporate eligibility calculations. This architecture update complements our future efforts to support multiple screening forms for a program.

Processing Flag

To help surface Service Files with processing flags, you’ll see a new Processing Flag field. In the first version, we are checking for:

  • Missing Application Due
  • Past Due
  • Missing Document Request Due
  • Stuck in Document Review
  • Stuck in Eligibility Determination

Login Tracking

Device and Operating System are now recorded for the most recent login. This information is included in the authentication emails for credibility.

Example: This login was requested using Chrome on MacOS at 08:25:12 PDT on Dec 9, 2023.

Required Document Preservation

If an applicant changes the Type field on an Asset, Debt, Income Source type or changes the Member Role field on the Household Member – the system currently deletes all the related Required Documents. Moving forward, the system will not delete existing Required Documents if they are common to the new Type/Member Role.