2023 Q1 Release Update

Alternate SMS Authentication

In the event the applicant does not receive the SMS text message to authenticate their phone when logging in, they can alternatively send a text message or call Public House. If the call or text originates from the phone on file, they will be able to access the system.

We’ve had very good deliverability of SMS, but last month ran into a situation where AT&T was blocking our text messages in Colorado for a short time. This feature provides redundancy in the event of any future deliverability outages.

This also provides an option for people without mobile phones to access their applications using landline phones.

Outside Income Support

We’ve introduced an approach to simplify unreported deposits on savings and checking. Checking and Savings Assets have 3 new questions for the applicant to disclose any miscellaneous deposits from outside income sources. These are aggregated across the Assets and a Miscellaneous Deposits income source is created for the household.

Here’s the support article. Thanks to CGP&H for getting this one going. If you’d like to start using the Outside Income features email us support@public.house.

Expire on Date

You can now use the Expire on Date functionality on Photo IDs and any other Required Documents with expiration dates.

Updating Required Document Templates to use expiration

Go to Reports > Required Document Temlpate and go to an expiring Required Documents Templates like Photo ID. Set the Expiration = Exprie on Reset. This will introduce an expiration field on the Photo ID Required Document.

Phasing Out Process Builders: Step 1 Screening Form Eligibility Criteria Moving to Config Code

I’m very excited to report we’ve completed the first steps to moving the Screening Form eligibility calcs out of Process Builders and into Pubic House configuration code and simplified Salesforce Flows.

You’ve likely heard that Salesforce is steering away from workflows or process builders. The Process Builders have worked for the Screening Form eligibility – but they’ve presented their share of issues too. Moving forward the eligibility will be determined in the Public House code base on each client’s criteria. Flows will send out the emails from Salesforce. We’ll be gingerly transitioning clients one at a time onto this new functionality. Stay tuned.

System Fixes

  • In Document Corrections, some applicants are using the Upload Additional Documents instead of the Upload Corrections. The system was not recognizing this as satisfying the upload corrections requirement. Now it will.
  • Upload Modal – long directions now wrap cleanly
  • Email and SMS Reminder tracking in data logs
  • Endpoint fix to account for new Safari “/”
  • Filter applicant access to incompatible Service Files
  • Invite to Re-apply Application Invitation date set to Today
  • Application validation improvements
  • AMI – Populate Min income across AMIs
  • Screening Forms – Add client details to footer, improved email validation
  • JSON Configuration – removal of deprecated parameters
  • Income Calculation Methods – fix to bi-weekly calcs and exclusion of historical employment in household income projections
  • Applicants can no longer open incompatible application types