2023 Q2 Release Update

Submission Process

Asset, Debt, Income Submission Requirements

We’ve removed the requirements for applicants to have assets, debts or income to submit a completed application. This change is folded into two new features to ensure applicants are adding all the necessary records to their applications.

New applications will have buttons to indicate that the household has no assets, debt, or income.

Upon submission, the applicant will go through a series of screens to confirm they have created records for all their assets, debt and income.

There are intro screens for each part of the submission.

The confirmation screens for Household Members, Assets, Debts and Income include the definitions of the requirements (that also show on the dashboard), all the records, totals and any applicable warnings. Here is an example of asset confirmation.

Here is a sample of a Confirmation of Completion

Here is an Application Fee screen.

Before the final signature screens.

Primary signature screen

Application PDF screen