2021 Q2 Release Updates

Updated on 8/2/2021

Service File History – We’ve made a bunch of small improvements here to clean up history tracking. Like all updates, these won’t update existing histories but you’ll see them reflected in new events in your history

Viewing the application after Application in process – Applications can be accessed outside of the Service File Status: Application in process. Functionality is limited but you can view applications and access application PDFs. Review the Application Status support article.

Combined PDF

  • Additional updates made to improve the Combined PDF creation functionality. Upload Tips now include information about removing password protection from PDFs.
  • Upload Tips are hidden for Staff.

Combined PDF support article

Income Limits Max / Min Calculation Type Syntax

AMI Records – All references to Custom are updated to Modified

Property & Campaign Records- All references to Custom are updated to Modified. The Override option is removed.

Service File Records- All references to Custom are updated to Modified. The Override option is preserved. The main use case we’ve heard for this is that when staff is manually entering a historical record and doesn’t want the current AMI to overwrite their historical limits.

Income Limits support article

Candidate Pool Updates

Minimum Income Exemption – Intake / Screening Forms have a new Minimum Income Exception field. This field for Prospects and for applicants, the Service File field for Receiving Section 8 Subsidy, enables households to appear in Candidate Pools when they don’t meet the Minimum Income Limit. Support Article

Rank Sorting for Blank and 0 – In the Candidate Pool, Rank = blank and zero will be grouped together and sorted by Waitlist Join Date