Application PDFs

Public House creates two PDF archives of the application data during the application process.

Accessing Application PDFs

Staff can view all application PDFs by clicking on the View Archives button in the application or by accessing the Application Archive subfolder for any Service File directly in the cloud storage.

Application PDFs are only created through actions in the application UI.

Applicant PDF

Once an application is submitted, it is common for the staff to make corrections based on reviewing the documents. To archive a snapshot of the applicant’s submission, Public House creates the Applicant PDF.


Created on application submission

  • Application data
  • Confirmation of Completion
  • Electronic Signature
  • Sent to the applicant
  • Stored in Cloud Storage

Combined PDF

The Combined PDF is a compleete archive of the application for historical and audit purposes.

  • When staff Approves/Declines an application
  • From the Create New Combined PDF button in View Archives
  • Application data
  • Confirmation of Completion
  • All Accepted uploaded documents
  • Stored in Cloud Storage

Combined PDF Table of Contents

  1. Application PDF
  2. Household Member
  3. Assets
  4. Debts
  5. Income Sources
  6. Financial History
  7. Current Living Situation
  8. Homeownership Interest

PDF Notes:

  • Only Accepted uploads are included in the Combined PDF.
  • Public House does not support emailing or sharing the Combined PDF. It is recommended that you do not distribute the Combined PDF.
  • PDFs are only created for Service Files with Status = Application in process
  • Public House only supports the 8 PDF ISO standards for the PDF, PDF/A and PDF/X formats.
  • The system is unable to accommodate the creation of PDFs greater than 150mb.

Combined PDF Troubleshooting

In the event of a Combined PDF creation error, you will see a description of the error. In most cases, the system will be able to identify the specific document that is causing the problem.

Please send a screen shot of the error details to and we’ll take care of it for you.