Candidate Pool: Configuration

Prospect and Applicant Tags

The Candidate Pool pages support custom tags on Prospects and Applicants. Common tags: Homeless, disabled, voucher, exemption, displaced, etc.

Staff can manually set the checkboxes to true/checked or the checkboxes may be populated from the screening form data when the Intake record is created/updated.

Configuring Tags

Any Campaign Member checkbox field can be a tag. Which Campaign member check boxes are tags is defined in the Property custom formula field Candidate Pool Tag Config.

The parameters are:

  • API name – the Campaign Member checkbox field API name
  • Label – the label you’d like to see on the tag
  • Text color – the color of the text on the tag
  • Background color – the background color of the tag

Here is an example formula defining tags for Voucher, Current Resident, and Accessible. It’s not super user-friendly.. If you need a hand, just send us a support request.

[{\"apiName\":\"Minimum_Income_Exemption_Checkbox__c\",\"label\":\"Voucher\",\"textColor\":\"#7D04DB\",\"backgroundColor\":\"#F9F1FF\"},{\"apiName\":\"Current_Resident__c\",\"label\":\"Current Resident\",\"textColor\":\"#2F80ED\",\"backgroundColor\":\"#EDF8FF\"},{\"apiName\":\"Accessible__c\",\"label\":\"Accessible\",\"textColor\":\"#C13030\",\"backgroundColor\":\"#FDF3F3\"}]