New Applications for Current Residents

Some organizations will allow current residents to be considered for other housing opportunities. In this case, be sure the resident’s

  • Service File Status is not Application in Process
  • Campaign Member
    • Status is Ineligible
    • Service File field is blank
    • Service File Created is unchecked

The household will need to submit a new screening form. Their Campaign Member Status will be updated to Prospect (assuming they are ‘pre-eligible’). Then they can be Invited to Apply on the Candidate Pool Pages or by updating their Campaign Member Status to Applicant. This will create a separate, new Service File.

When the resident logs into the Authentication Portal, they will see an option to visit the homeowner portal or work on the new application if they are part of the homeownership program OR to select their current application or the move-in application if they are part of a rental program.

Some organizations may have a need to allow transfers without requiring a resident to complete a brand new full application. Please reach out to Public House Support to discuss how to best manage these scenarios, as it will require some customization to the automated process.