Restoring an Expired Application

When a Service File is set to Status = Ineligible, the Campaign Member is set to Ineligible and the Applicant is removed from all Recommended Households (Properties). These are the procedures you can use to restore their application.

Service File

Set Status = Application in Process

If the applicant had not submitted their application Application Status = Incomplete. Set a future Application Due.

If the applicant was correcting documents Application Status = Document Review. Set a future Document Request Due.

Campaign Member

Set Campaign Member Status = Applicant

Enter a note about why you are restoring the applicant in the Campaign History Entry field. This will be appended with today’s date to the Campaign History.

Reconnect the Campaign Member to the Service File by populating the Service File field and check the Created Service File checkbox.

Candidate Pools

Once you have restored the Service File and the Campaign Member, the Applicant will show, as applicable, on Property Candidate Pools. If they were previously part of any Recommended Households, you’ll need to reinvite them from each Property.