Required Documents: Document Corrections

If all files are not approved at the completion of Document Review, the application advances to the Document Corrections stage.

Document Correction triggers:

  • Service File: Application Status = Document Corrections
  • The Service File no longer appears on the Application Processing Dashboard under Document Review
  • Applicants receive an email to notify them that upon review, their uploaded documents require corrections or additions.

Applicants are permitted to access their applications to make corrections and upload additional documents. All service file history entries during Document Corrections are highlighted in blue to help staff identify new application changes.


Red icons help applicants easily identify Required Document corrections- Required Documents that are marked as either Declined, Approved with Action, or ones with a question from staff.

When the applicant opens the Required Document, the Applicant Directions from the staff display if the document was either Declined or Approved with Action:

To satisfy the requirement of a document marked Declined or Approved with Action, the applicant must upload a new document using the Upload Correction (Declined) or Upload Additional Files (Approved with Action) button.

To satisfy the requirement if there is a staff question, the applicant must provide a text response in the “Applicant Response” line and then select the checkmark to save their answer. They may upload additional documentation, but they do not need to.

A Required Document with a question for an applicant to answer.

Once all corrections are completed within a section, the applicant selects the “I have completed my uploads and met my requirements” button.

If staff identified additional Required Documents as part of their review, they will display as Required Documents with the icon.

REMINDER: Applicants can not see their uploaded documents- even Approved ones- through the portal after the initial upload.

Once all the corrections are made, the applicant will be prompted to resubmit their application for review. The Application Status updates back to Document Review. The Service File will reappear on the Application Processing Dashboard.

Changes to Application Data

In addressing the staff requests to correct or upload additional documents, applicants may need to also adjust the application data. Applicants have full access to make additional updates to the application during the Document Corrections stage. These edits appear highlighted in blue in the History.

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The application stages in Public House are designed for the applicant to keep moving through the process independently so that you don’t have to keep track their status. Rather than investing time reviewing applications to evaluate an applicant’s progress, utilize the Application Processing Dashboard to know when an application is ready for your attention.