Application Processing (Staff)

Application Processing

Dashboards direct staff to applications that require Document Review, applications awaiting eligibility determination and applicant support requests.

Document Review is a speedy task with support instructions and links to uploads.

Eligibility Determination is your specialty. Public House supports your determinations with:

  • Applicant uploads at your fingertips
  • Household Size, Assets, Debt and Income rollups
  • Income calculations, income exclusion and income override
  • Flagged conflicts with your program requirements

Support Requests

Support requests get created as Cases in Salesforce. They’ll appear on your Application Processing Dashboard where you can open and respond to them directly.

Building your Candidate Pool

Build your housing opportunity candidate pool from the existing applicants and prospects that appear to be a good fit.

Start by evaluating if you have enough existing applicants to fill the opportunity. If applicants are “expired” you can invite them to update their application if they are interested in the opportunity.

If you anticipate that you’ll still require more applicants, you can invite a limited number of Prospects to the full application. For example, you may need more applicants if you have multiple units to fill or it may be a less desirable property.

Finalist Selection

Select finalists from your list of approved applicants. An email with opportunity details will be sent to the applicants asking if they would like to be considered as a finalist and provided with a date to respond by. Check back on the deadline to see your interested finalists.