Public House is designed to introduce standard process and increase the efficiency of the affordable housing application process. It is not well-suited for tasks that it was not designed for.

Public House is built to:

  • Provide a public, unmanaged screening form to screen/build an interest list of “Prospects”  
  • Minimize the application load by providing the intelligence to selectively invite households to apply based on upcoming housing opportunities
  • Efficiently move all applicants to Approved or Declined
  • Minimize waitlist delays by confirming top household’s interest in a property

The Applicant’s Journey

Housing Program Campaign

Screening forms are tracked on Intake records. Applications on Service Files. The Campaign Member tracks the household from screening form through application. 

Submitting an ineligible screening form or declining an application will update the Campaign Member to ineligible. 

PH Automation

Screening Forms

Screening Forms income limits, eligibility and communications are all automated. If an applicant wishes to change their details, they simply need to submit another screening form.


Once staff clicks Invite to Apply, PH automates email and SMS communications, records milestone dates, enforces deadlines and manages updates to Application status (Don’t touch.).

Public House only focuses on Service Files with Status = Application in Process. All applicants (including Approved) stay in Status = Application in Status until they:

  • Miss a deadline
  • Request to be removed from the program
  • Their application is declined

Automation will update the Service File Status from Application in Process to Ineligible.

Staff can manually change the Status of an application from Application in Process to either Ineligible or the next step in the placement process.

When the Service File Status is changed from Application in Process, automation sets the Campaign Member Status to Ineligible and the Applicant is removed from all Recommended Households (Properties). Automated communications are only sent for missing a deadline. 

Customize your deadline reminder templates to persuade applicants to meet their deadlines. It is easier to extend a deadline than restore an application. See our support article for Restoring an Expired Application

Refreshing Applications

PH resets dates, removes expired Required Documents and clears fields that require updating like asset balances. These tools are only available for approved applications.