Required Documents Overview

In Public House, the supporting documents an applicant is required to upload are referred to as Required Documents. Required Documents are extendable to fit the exact needs of each organization and make navigation through the application simple, and clear and secure.

Required Document key features include:

Flexibility – Organizations customize the Required Documents to fit each of their affordable housing programs.

Dynamic – Required Documents are conditionally added to an application based on responses to the application questions about household, debt, assets, and income. Applicants only see exactly what is required of them.

Granular – Required Documents are specific. For example, there are unique Required Documents for each type of Income/Employment: Full-time Employment, Part-time Employment, Self-Employment, Spousal Support, Child Support, Investment Income, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Income from Assets, Other.

User Friendly – Each Required Document has its own specific description and staff instructions to help applicants understand the correct documentation to upload.

Ensures Compliance – All required documents are requested so that no important documentation is missed.

Secure – All uploaded files are saved exclusively to the organization’s preferred cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon Web Services).

Accessible – Clients can easily update, remove, or add Required Documents at any time from within Salesforce.

Audit Trail – Automatic tracking of document upload history (who and when) and staff comments for each uploaded file.

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