Public House Introduction

Public House is a comprehensive homeownership and rental application management system that has quickly become an essential tool for housing organizations of all types and sizes. Public House provides the infrastructure that small 1-2 person teams require to process applications online. Larger teams can collaborate to scale up their efficiency to handle very large applicant volumes with minimal staff.

The online affordable housing application integrates with Salesforce, Homekeeper and a cloud document storage system of your choice.

Applicant Benefits

Intuitive design, visual guides and helpful texts enable applicants to independently complete applications, upload supporting documents, agree to terms, electronically sign, and pay application fees.

Client Benefits

Screening Forms

Households begin by submitting screening forms. Screening forms, tailored to each organization, act as a gatekeeper to filter out households that don’t meet your program’s deal-breaker requirements. Households that look like a potential fit are added to the list of Prospects (potential candidates) and Applicants that make up your Waitlists or Lotteries. You control the flow to the full application.

Waitlist/Lottery Management

Public House business intelligence surfaces the households on your lists that best fit your housing opportunities. Together, screen forms and list management allow you to serve large audiences while processing a minimal number of applications.

Application Processing

Process applications faster with automated calculations and extremely simple document review. Only invite/process applications by focusing on the applications that fit the qualifications for your housing opportunities.

Automation of Administrative Tasks

Public House allows your team to focus on application determinations and filling vacancies by automating all communications: reminders, waitlist updates, application notifications, and income calculations, etc.

Email and SMS text message reminders keep applicants on track through all parts of the application process.

Audit Trail

Extensive history tracking throughout the application process is automated- providing a date and time stamp of who did what and when. No more digging through old emails and cross-referencing other data sources to attempt to piece together applicant histories.

Dashboards and Reporting

Applicant Level – Don’t try to remember where every applicant is at. Dashboards and reports direct staff to the records that require attention.

Program Level – Understand the types of households that are interested in your programs and your homeowners.

Process Level – Flow is tracked throughout the applicant experience. See the time and resources required for each part of the process.

Rental Program Benefits

Reduce vacancy rates by maintaining your applicant pools. Manage the annual recertification process by automatically initiating the application invitation and qualifying residents on renewal income limits.

Homeownership Program Benefits

Public House has a separate homeowner portal to track annual occupancy surveys, resident requests to refinance, sell, or upgrade their home, and any custom resident requests after purchase.

For a deeper dive into how Public House works and integrates with Salesforce and Homekeeper, check out our Technical Public House Overview.