Technical Product Description

The Public House application system is composed of web-based components, Salesforce managed and unmanaged packages and integrations with cloud storage service.

Web-based External Components

The web-based, external components of Public House are built on the Heroku cloud service platform. 

Authentication Portal: ( Where Applicants use both email and phone to authenticate their identity to gain access to the Application Portal. The authentication portal is branded to each client.  

Application Portal: ( Applicants enter/update/review household information and financial details, upload their supporting documents and digitally sign their completed applications in the Application Portal. Organizations have the flexibility to customize the application questions and required documents for multiple programs.

Salesforce Components

Salesforce developers ‘package’ their applications to be installed by organizations. There are two types of packages – Managed and Unmanaged. Public House includes both a Managed and Unmanaged Package.

Managed packages have locked components, allowing the publisher to automate upgrades.

Unmanaged packages have unlocked components. These can be modified by the client.

The PH Salesforce Managed Package contains the custom fields, apex classes and triggers required to support the online application processes as well as facilitate staff review and determination of eligibility. The managed package is updated periodically to improve existing functionality, preserve the integrity of the 3rd party integrations and introduce new features.

Elements that a Customer needs to customize and do not require ongoing upgrades are in the PH Salesforce Unmanaged Package. These elements include Reports, Email Templates and Process Builders. 



Public House pushes and pulls applicant data into HomeKeeper objects in your Salesforce instance

Any historical Service Files, Application Household Members, Assets, Debts, Income Sources, Monitoring Events

NOTE: Historical records in HomeKeeper are likely to require some updates to be compatible with Public House. Data modifications are not included in the Public House agreement.


Cloud Storage Integrations

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3

Additional Integrations

  • Zoho Sign, Electronic signatures
  • Twilio, SMS messaging

Optional Integrations

  • Stripe, payment processing
  • Credit Checker