Occupancy Survey Troubleshooting

Any of the processes described in the Occupancy Survey Process article can be reset individually to help a resident who is stuck.

Residents experience fewer follow-up issues if all processes are reset, returning the Monitoring Event to its initial configuration. Staff can also create unnecessary errors if they partially reset the Occupancy Certification Monitoring Event. See notes in each section below for examples.

Remember: When a resident logs into the portal, they don’t have the same privileges the Staff does. The restrictions described below don’t apply to staff.

Go to the Monitoring Event

Navigate to the resident’s Service File. Use the related tab to navigate to the Monitoring Events. Select the Monitoring Event for the current year.

Reset the Signature

Clear the Signature Id, Signature_Status and Signature Request Id fields. If for any reason the signature gets stuck this will reset the signature process.

Note: You must reset the signature if the form answers are modified. This forces the signature to create a new PDF with the new form information.

Unlock the Form

Set Is Portal Submit to unchecked/false. This allows the resident to modify the answers on the form and resave.

Note: A resident won’t be able to edit answers to a saved form without the form being unlocked.

Delete the Uploaded Files

Return to the resident’s Service File. Use the related tab to navigate to the related Required Document records. Identify the Required Document for the Occupancy Survey and delete it. This will also delete the Required Document Files records and any files uploaded to your cloud storage. When the Homeowner Portal is reloaded, it will create a clean Required Document for the resident to upload their files.

Make it Active

If the Monitoring Event Status = Submitted, set the Status = Active before the resident can resume modifying it.

Note: A submitted Occupancy Survey will remain locked regardless of staff taking any of the previous reset steps. The Monitoring Event Status must be set to Active.