Adding an Annual Survey for a New Owner

You may need to manually create Monitoring Events if you have a Service File that was not created in time or if your organization chooses to send out all your Occupancy Certifications at a specific date each instead of a rolling schedule based on individual Close Dates.

First off make sure your Service File meets the following criteria:

  • Status = Current Owner or Current Renter
  • Applicant is not blank
  • Program is not blank
  • Property is not blank

Next, go to the Related tab on the Service File, scroll to the Monitoring Event section, and create New.

Make sure you populate all the fields for:

  • Record Type = Occupancy Certification
  • Monitoring Event Type = Occupancy Certification
  • Date – survey due date
  • Status = Active
  • Service File – should be populated
  • Property
  • Contact – Primary Applicant

The owner will not receive a notification until the next scheduled reminder.