Occupancy Survey Process

Homeowner Occupancy Surveys are automatically initiated through a Monitoring Event. Clients can opt to have all homeowners complete surveys at the same time each year or surveys can be scheduled based on the anniversary of their close date.

A resident must log into the Homeowner Portal, authenticating using email and cell phone, to begin their annual occupancy survey. The portal takes the resident through the simple, three step certification process:

Homeowner Portal: Annual Occupancy Certifications

1. Annual Occupancy Certification Form

Answering the required questions is the first part of the certification. The resident enters their answers to client provided questions and saves their form. Once completed, answers cannot be changed.

2. Uploading Required Documents

Similar to the Application Portal, Residents are prompted to upload any required documents. Once complete, the resident selects the I have completed by uploads and met all requirements button. If needed, residents can upload additional documents using the Upload Additional Files button. Once all documents are submitted, the system automates the survey to the final section.

3. Electronic Signature

Once the two prior steps are completed, the signature link displays for the homeowner to sign off on their survey. Selecting the signature link creates a PDF of the Annual Occupancy Survey for the homeowner to sign utilizing electronic signature.

The electronic signature is optional. If it is not required, the homeowner can submit the Occupancy Survey for review without signature.

If there is an internet issue or the client aborts the signature process, they can return to resume it. Note that they’ll be signing the original PDF and a new one is not created.

Monitoring Event Process Flow

As the homeowner navigates through the survey, the associated Monitoring Event updates accordingly. Once all three of the above processes are completed the Monitoring Event Status is set to Submitted and the resident can no longer make any changes.

Annual Occupancy Surveys: Monitoring Event Process Flow

Check out the Troubleshooting article if you need to reset an Annual Occupancy Survey!

Homeowner Initiated Monitoring Events

Clients can utilize Monitoring Events to create separate, automated notifications for homeownership programs. This may include items like Intending to Sell or Home Improvements, which are notifications the homeowner initiates in the portal. These special, optional notifications are configured with their own forms, questions, required documents and digital signatures.

Similar to the Occupancy Surveys, these optional homeowner notifications with digital signatures produce a PDF that is saved in the clients chosen cloud storage.