Salesforce Authorization

Public House uses OAuth 2.0 – an authentication protocol that allows third-party services (Public House) to access limited (Salesforce) data without accessing passwords and other sensitive information. Public House requires a dedicated Salesforce user to grant it this access and permissions.

The following steps will grant Public House selective access to specific Salesforce data. This Salesforce user completing the process must have a profile of Homekeeper Admin, System Admin or equivalent.

Authorization is simple. Go to the Public House App and the Public House Configuration tab.

Salesforce will prompt you through the OAuth steps.

Once authorized, you’ll see your user displayed as the Current Authorized User.

Changing Authorized User

Typically, the only reason to change the authorized users is when the current user has been deactivated. Before changing, be sure that no custom code or configuration is specific to the current user.

Revoking Permissions for the Public House connected app

Revoke permissions only in the case of removing Public House from your system. If you are not sure, please reach out to before revoking. To revoke all permissions in Salesforce go to Settings, search for Connected Apps OAuth Usage. Click the linked number under the User Count column. There you’ll see an option to Revoke. Public House will no longer be able to communicate with Salesforce.