Public House extends the fields and functionality of HomeKeeper’s AMI object. In addition to HomeKeeper’s standard AMI fields we’ve added 4 Person 80%, 4 Person 50% and Custom Limits with custom rounding.

Check out our Maximum and Minimum Income Limits article to understand how AMI is used to calculate income limits.

Triggering Income Limit Recalculation

Any changes to an AMI record will trigger recalculation of income limits across Properties, Campaigns and Service Files related to that AMI record and meeting the following conditions:  

  • Campaign : Is Active = True
  • Property : Do Not Update = False
  • Service Files : Status = Application in Process
  • Service Files : Application Status is Invited, Incomplete, Document Review or Document Correction
  • Invite to Re-apply will trigger recalculation

Notes: AMI updates are on a slight delay

Annually Updating AMI

If you are here, It’s probably April when HUD releases their annual revisions to the AMIs. Yeah spring!

Public House links your AMI record to your Screening Form Campaign, Properties, and all of your Service Files. When you update your AMI record, the changes will automatically propagate across all these connected records.

  1. Update the current AMI with new AMI values.
  2. Public House automatically recalculates income limits on related Campaigns, Properties and Service Files. This may take a minute if you have a large number of these records in your system.
  3. If an income limit does not recalculate, double-check it doesn’t meet the conditions above.