Transitioning Waitlist and Applicants

Waitlists / Interest Lists

Existing waitlists and interest lists are imported as Prospects on your Housing Program Campaigns. They are sent a series of reminders to submit a new Screening Form in order to preserve their priority.

On older lists, reminders may not be deliverable due to outdated email addresses. Staff can consider any additional efforts to manually reach out to these households.

Homekeeper Clients with Existing Service Files

Existing Service Files are also loaded as Prospects and required to submit a Screening Form. Their Screening Form provides the most current email, income, assets, household size and preference points. This ensures that these households will correctly appear on the Candidate Pool pages.

Once there is a housing opportunity that is a good fit, an application invitation is sent, the system updates their pre-existing Service File with current requirements from the Housing Program Campaign. The applicant builds on the data from their pre-existing Service File.

If the pre-existing Service Files are incomplete, Assets, Debts and Income Sources should be deleted to ensure compatibility with Public House.