Implementation Overview

New clients engage in a 6 week implementation to convert their existing application process to Public House. Clients should plan on two 45 minutes per week along with light homework reviewing screening forms and applications. Implementation Prerequisites should be completed before beginning.

Implementation fees cover the configuration of all the items below for up to two programs.

Screening Forms

  • Screening Form questions
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Adding program details to the communication templates

Authentication Portal

  • Branding / Customization

Application Portal

  • Application questions
  • Detail required documents and criteria for when they appear
  • Adding program details to the communication templates
  • Setting application deadlines & calculation parameters

Property Candidate Pools

  • Configuring Property Criteria
  • Sending property-based application invitations and interest checks


  • Testing/feedback/revisions on Screening Forms and Applications

Reports & Dashboards

  • Review Public House Analytics and Operationsl Dashboards


  • Migrating existing interest lists and applicants


Week by week initial system configuration schedule.

Pre-StartConfigure Subdomains, Salesforce User
Week 1Screening Forms Finalize questions, warnings and eligibility for Screening forms.
Configuration of Sandbox with managed and unmanaged packages Customization of staff tasks and email notifications
Authentication Portal Branding and configuration
Week 2Screening Forms Review/Customize Communications, User Acceptance
Authentication Portal User Acceptance
Application Questions Finalize questions, warnings and eligibility for Applications
Weeks 3Application Questions User Acceptance
Application Communications Review/Customize Communications
Required Document Templates Finalize / Create Required Documents
Week 4Required Document Templates User Acceptance
Email/SMS Reminders Configuration
Weeks 5Email/SMS Reminder Communications
Document Review User Acceptance
Week 6Beta Testing User group testing (appx 10 users)

We are happy to supply estimates and revised schedules for additional customizations or development outside the scope of the standard implementation.

Post Implementation Support

Post-implementation support is provided to ensure organizations have a successful transition and launch to Public House.

Resident Portal Implementation

The Resident Portal is an additional 2-week implementation available for $1,500.

The Resident Portal implementation includes defining details for :

  • Annual Survey Questions
  • Annual Survey required documents
  • Custom Notifications
  • Editing communication templates