Recommended Best Practices

Delay updates to Service File

If you need to make changes to the Service File program, you must use a time-based action delayed to avoid issues with updates to cloud storage. Please notify us if making any such changes and we can help advise.

Tracking Field History

We recommend tracking field history on a handful of Service File and Contact fields. This can help resolve fringe cases that arise from strange applicant behavior. Below are links to instructions for tracking field history on Service Files and Contacts. 

Tracking Field History on Custom Objects

Service Files

  • Service file name
  • Program
  • Applicant
  • Co-Applicant
  • Status
  • Application Status
  • Close Date
  • Property
  • Application Invitation
  • Application Due

Tracking Field History on Standard Objects

Contact Fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone

Performance Considerations

CPU Limits

Triggers, Process Builders can cascade to

Too Many SOQL Queries