Candidate Pools: How do they work?

Candidate Pools are viewed from the Property. Only applicants that meet the eligibility criteria for the specific Property- i.e. based on income and asset limits and the number of occupants- are visible on the specific Candidate Pool page.

Tip: Set up specific SalesForce List Views by Campaign for quick access to the Candidate Pools

Candidate Pool Sections

Candidate Pool views are separated into 3 sections based on Campaign Member and Service File Status- Prospects, Applicants, and Recommended Households. All applicants are listed in rank and application date order within each section. 

  1. Prospects –Housing Program Campaign Members with Status = Prospect. They submitted an eligible Screening Form and have an associated Intake record. 
  2. Applicants –Housing Program Campaign Members with Status = Applicant.  These are applicants that have been invited to start a full application and have a Service File with a status of either Invited, Incomplete, Document Review, Document Corrections Approved or Completed.
  3. Recommended Households –Applicants with an Approved or Completed Service File status  that have received a notification to confirm their interest in the housing opportunity. They can respond as Interested or Not interested (or not respond at all) and response is displayed. Only Applicants with Application Status Complete or Approved may be added to the Recommended Households. 

Warning messages display when a prospect or applicant is invited to start the process ahead of those with a higher rank or waitlist join date. 

COMING SOON- A video demonstration of a Candidate Pool and all the features it contains to help you quickly fill vacancies!

Candidate Pools: Applicant Visibility

Applicant eligibility and visibility on the Candidate Pool is initially based upon the information provided as part of the Screening Form. When an Application status reaches Complete, applicant eligibility and visibility on the Candidate Pool is based on the information in the Service File. The Candidate Pool dynamically updates based on the most recent information.

Warning! Applicants that no longer meet the eligibility criteria for the Property will no longer be visible on the Candidate Pool! A lot may change between an initial waitlist application and a final review of the Application- verified income, job changes, changes in household composition. This is why applicants may fall off certain Candidate Pools and appear on others when they may have not been previously eligible.

Campaign Member StatusApplication StatusIntake Record Eligibility CriteriaService File Eligibility Criteria
ApplicantInvited, Incomplete, Document Review, Document CorrectionsX
ApplicantComplete;  ApprovedX

Candidate Pool Navigation

Staff initiate the application process for prospects at the top of the list through the Candidate Pool Page. The chart below explains the automatic system actions as the user navigates through the Candidate Pool. 

Staff ActionSystem Actions
Select ‘Invite to Apply’ for a prospect.Sends Invitation Email to the Prospect

Creates Service File with due date
Moves Prospect into Applicant Pool
Campaign Member Status= Applicant
Selects ‘Add to Recommended Households’ for Approved or Completed Applicants. View Recommended Households for more details!Adds the applicant as a Campaign Member to the Property’s Recommended Household Campaign with the Status Invited
Sends the applicant a Property invitation Email with an option to state their interest.
Selects the ‘Offer’ check box.N/A. This has no ‘out of the box’ functionality but provides a visual display that an offer was made.
Selects the ‘Invite to Reapply’ Only available if an applicant’s documents expire. Invites approved applications to revisit their applications and upload current documents. Read the Reusing Applications article for more details.
Selects the ‘Reset Recommended Households’Clears out all Applicants from the Recommended Household section (and Campaign). They will reappear in the Applicant section.

Candidate Pools: Removing Applicants from the Waitlist

Applicants fall off the Candidate Pool when the Campaign Member Status equals Ineligible. This status change automatically occurs under any of the following circumstances:

The Service File Application Status moves from Application in Process to any other Application status:

  • This may occur when the household is Declined for either failure to respond or not meeting eligibility criteria
  • When an applicant is approved for move-in and placed in a housing opportunity. 
  • When a Prospect does not reply to a Waitlist Update or no longer meets the eligibility criteria at the time of the waitlist update.

If an applicant reaches out independently and requests to be removed from the waiting list:

  • If there is an Active Service File: Change the Application Status to Canceled, which will then automatically change the Campaign Member status to ineligible. 
  • No Active Service File: manually edit the Campaign Member status to Ineligible