Screening Forms: Required Applicant Updates

Required Applicant Updates

The system automates waitlist updates by sending regular notices by email and text for applicants to update their Screening Form, or waitlist application. This keeps information up-to-date and maintains an applicant’s initial waitlist position. An applicant may independently submit a new screening form, too, and the system will recognize it as an existing applicant if the same email address is used.

If a prospect does not submit an updated Screening Form, the system automatically removes them from the waiting list. These reminders are sent based on a Housing Program Campaign’s Intake Expiration Period. See Email & SMS Reminders for Deadlines for more information on reminder schedules.

Campaigns with Active = False (unchecked) will not send Screening Form Reminders

Tip: the URL an applicant receives to update their Screening Form is unique to the Campaign and the applicant. You can find it separately by utilizing this format:  application.OrganizationURL/screening/CampaignID/members/CampaignMemberID

Program Waitlist Updates & Prospect Life Cycle:

With each new Screening Form submission, the same eligibility process occurs. Over time, Prospects will either receive a full application invitation, indicate they are no longer interested or are removed automatically by not responding to their Screening Form Update Reminder.

Multiple Screening Form Submissions

Screening Forms are designed to accommodate repeat submissions. The table below demonstrates what occurs under different scenarios.

Prospect submits an updated Screening Form for the same program using the same email address.– Updates the applicant provided information.
– Waitlist position maintained.
Prospect submits an updated Screening Form at the same program using a different email address. – Creates a new prospect on the waiting list.
– Waitlist Join date based on new application date.
Prospect submits a new Screening Form for a different Program (unit or community) using the same email address.– Creates a new prospect on the waiting list for the new Campaign.
– Creates new Campaign Member page.
Applicant applies through the screening form after being declined using the same email addressThe system saves the most recent screening form data, the system ALSO updates the Campaign Member status from Ineligible to Prospect and the waitlist join date updates to match the new application date.
An applicant with a Housing Program Campaign Member Status of Applicant submits  a new Screening FormNo system action- applicant sees a message recognizing them as an applicant and directing them to the application portal. A new Intake record is not created in Salesforce.

Email Updates

Prospects can submit additional screening forms by directly accessing the URL.

Prohibited Screening Form Submission

Screening Forms cannot be submitted- and a new Intake record is NOT created in SalesForce- under these circumstances:

  • Wait List Closed – Applicants are notified if the screening form can’t be submitted because the Campaign, or Waitlist, is closed. Tip: do not advertise the screening form URL if the waitlist is closed! If a waitlist is closed, existing applicants cannot submit  Intake Updates, either.
  • Resubmission Waiting Period – If an applicant tries to apply too soon after they initially applied. This is a custom setting and the Applicant is notified that have to wait to resubmit their application. For testing purposes, Minimum Time to Re-apply can be set to 0.
  • Missing the Most Recent Update Date on Campaign Member Page– If this date field Most is blank, and applicant can’t submit an updated Screening Form. This is only likely to occur if there is not an Intake associated with the Campaign Member (as a result of either using the system prior to full waitlist functionality or as part of a data migration).