Screening Form: Email Templates

The Screening Form emails still use the Salesforce Classic Email Templates. You can navigate to those by clicking on the gear icon in the top right for Setup. In the upper left Quick Find, search for Classic Email Templates. In the Housing Applications folder, you’ll find your two screening form templates:

Note: These are HTML templates. If you are a client that finds these frustrating, don’t get stuck. Reach out, we are happy to help.

1.2 Intake Email: Eligible

This is the response for households that meet your program criteria. Be sure to include the next steps and how long it might take to receive additional follow-ups.

1.2 Intake Email: Ineligible

This is the response for households that do not appear to meet your program criteria. This template will automatically list the “dealbreakers” that the household doesn’t comply with. Assure the applicant they can return to submit additional screening forms anytime there is a change in their household or financial profile. Be sure to include any other housing resources that may be available in your area.