Dropbox Configuration

For Public House to communicate with Dropbox, you’ll need to create an app in the Dropbox app console. An “app” is an authorized connection between an outside service (Public House) and Dropbox. The app defines the permissions that Public House has when communicating with Dropbox. Once you define the app, the final step is to authorize it.

Step 1: Go to your Dropbox app console

Step 2: Click Create app

Step 3: Configure your app

  1. Set Scoped access
  2. Full Dropbox
  3. Name your app something like Public house Connection

Step 4: Set Redirect URI

The Redirect URI tells Dropbox where to send you to after you successfully authorize. Public House via Salesforce will show you a success screen once everything is connected.

The Redirect URI will be your Application URL + /dropbox/callback

Step 5: Configure Permissions

Go to the permissions tab. You’ll only need to update the permissions in the Individual Scopes section. No permissions are necessary for the other sections: OpenID Scopes, Team Scopes

Provide App Key and App Secret from the settings tab

Step 6: Configure your cloud storage in Public House and Authorize

In Salesforce, go to the Setup tab on the Public House App. Select Cloud Storage. Select Dropbox and add the Client Key and the Secret Key. Once you select the Authorize button you’ll be taken through Drop Box’s Oauth process.

Step 7: Share your Dropbox applications folder

After authorizing, notify the Public House team you’ve completed configuring and authorizing Dropbox. We’ll then create a folder for your applications. After testing we’ll send you back in to Dropbox to share your new applications folder with clientservices@public.house. We do not need permanent access. Sharing will allow us to test and confirm the integration between Public House and Dropbox. Your setup page will display your connection details and the name of your Dropbox Application Folder.

Step 8: Confirm file uploads

Hey, this is a lot of steps – but you’re done! Go to a test Service File/Application upload a required document and verify it shows up in your specified Public House Dropbox application folder.