Custom Development Services

Common Custom Development Requests

  • Additional Application Types – 8 hours each
  • Homeowner Portal Notifications – 3 hours each 
  • Online group training – estimates available

The following agreement pertains to the execution and delivery of Custom Development Services by Public House at the request of customers. Customers approving Custom Dev Service orders enter the following agreement with Public House. Read more about Custom Development Services.

Estimate Order Email outlines the

  • Scope of Work
  • Project deliverables
  • Estimated hours to complete
  • Hourly rate
  • Estimated number of business days to deliver

Revisions, Additional Requests, Unexpected Complications

Customers may submit requests to An estimate for each request with approximate costs and delivery schedule is sent to the Customer for approval. Once approved, a projected delivery date is assigned. After delivery, the Customer is emailed for approval. Approval is assumed if the approval request response is not received within 5 days. 

Custom Development Services are defined in the estimate email serve as the order with the following agreement. basis for deliverables s may be performed with email approval. Approving the custom development services and deliverables outlinedY request shall authorize Public House to perform the specified services.

Services.  The Services to be performed and responsibilities to be discharged under this SOW and the related payment terms and obligations are set forth as follows: Requirements, Hourly Rate, Estimated delivery time. Upon approval, Public House will respond with an approximate delivery date. Public House will work to deliver by this date but may be delayed due to additional complications or unexpected allocation of resources.

Public House is available to perform custom development services

  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Email Templates

Acceptance Criteria 

Customer shall have the right to review and/or test deliverable for the functional requirements or acceptance criteria specified for such deliverable and shall notify Public House if there are any deficiencies.  Public House shall use its best efforts to promptly cure any such deficiencies, and after completing any such cure, Public House shall resubmit the deliverable for review and/or testing as set forth above.  


Custom Development Services will be included in client’s next Quarterly Bill.


The Services are established on a per hour basis of Public House.

Term.  This Statement of Work shall commence as of the SOW Effective Date and shall continue until the Services described herein are completed and discharged, unless this Statement of Work is terminated in accordance with the Subscription Agreement.

Amendment.  No modification, amendment or waiver of this Statement of Work shall be effective unless in writing and duly executed and delivered by each Party to the other.

Conflict.  To the extent that this Statement of Work conflicts with the Subscription Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement shall control the rights and obligations of the Parties.