Credit Checker Integration

Cloud Maven’s Credit Checker app pulls credit reports (and more) into Salesforce. They have been accommodating in customizing their processes to integrate with Public House. We highly recommend their service! For details and pricing, contact or check out their Salesforce App Exchange listing.

Debt Records

It is not necessary for applicants to create their household debt records. Credit Checker will populate debt records from the credit report. Once imported, debt records are visible only to staff.

Debt records are created for credit report trade accounts with a balance > 0 regardless of Status or Account Type. Debt records are created for each household member that you pull credit for.

Fields mapped to the new debt record are:

  • Financial Institution
  • Last 4 digits of the Account Number
  • Household Member
  • Current Balance
  • Monthly Payment (minimum)
  • Debt Type will be Type=Other
  • Type Description

Required Documents are not created for debts imported by Credit Checker.

Service File Mapping

Credit Checker populates the following details to the Service File from the Credit Report. This is only for the primary applicant.

  • Credit Score
  • Undischarged Bankruptcy
  • Undischarged Bankruptcy Date
  • Past Foreclosure
  • Past Foreclosure Date

Note: Leins and Judgements are an additional service through Credit Checker.